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 +====== Business Information Systems ======
 +Creation of a complex, custom-made, tailored business information system is based on mid- to lon-term partnership with the customer with mutual reliance. That's the major condition of successfully created and supported system.
 +The very first step toward a good system is a complex and in-depth analysis during which both the customer and the IS provider establish a good communication. The analysis makes the base for requirement definitions and so it is the very fundament of system creation.
 +The whole process of system creation should be divided in several distinct periods, during which the IS provider continuously communicates with the customer giving him/her up-to-date feedback how is the work going on. The whole IS is usually split into several modules which communicate each with others via strict interface. Those modules could be customer-tested separately which gives much more time for doing that. And therefore the whole system is both of higher quality and open for future development.
 +Our aim is to create high quality and robust systems based on high level drafts. They suppose to be both efficient and open for future needs. Which is a good cost saving strategy for our customers.
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