E-mail list conference

Exists e-mail list conference for announce new releases, for discusing about Synapse and for technical support. Yhis list is called SynaList. Please, subscribe and write! You can subscribe from any existing your e-mail address.

To subscribe send any e-mail to In response you get next subscribe information.

You can search Web archive of this conference too!

Reporting of bugs

You found some bug? Before posting e-mail to me, you must be sure in next conditions:

  • Are you using last release of Synapse?
  • If bug exists in last release, then try last SynaSnap. In most cases is your bug fixed here.
  • Look to Synalist e-mail forum, maybe your bug has been discussed here before.

If you still have not known bug, then please, report it. Best place for reporting bugs is synalist e-mail forum.

If you have some reason, why you cannot subscribe to Synalist (subscription is totally free!), then you can send bugreport to my private e-mail

However reporting bugs to SynaList is much better, because you are share your problem with others here, and you can got reply from another person then me.

Want support?

If you need some support, then write e-mail to SynaList. If I (or any other person) have some free time, then I reply to you.

However some support requests is not easy. Requests like 'need example' need lot of my time. Is impossible getting this support in my free time! This is one reason why you can send me a some donation.

But I can sell some of my time for commercial support.If you need profesional support like examples, debugging of your code, or directly write some code to your project, write to my e-mail


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