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 +====== PMsplit ======
 +This is simple tool for Pegasus Mail or Mercury/32 admins. It can split one large mail folder into two new smaller folders.
 +===== Background info =====
 +Current mailbox folder format (v4) have size limitation. Index can address max. 2GB size. And folder storage file can hold max. 4GB. Overdue this limits can destroy your folder data.
 +So, this tool can split your large folder into two smaller folders. First one (with most recent messages) have same name as original folder - it is designed as replacement of original large folder. Second one (with older messages) have a new name.
 +===== Warning =====
 +Always run this tool on copy of folder outside user's mailbox!
 +===== Download =====
 +Current version: {{:file:pmsplit-1.0.0.zip|}}
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