SpamHalter is a daemon for the Mercury/32 server that provides centralised SPAM protection for all local e-mail accounts.

Previous versions are called as SpamWall. From version 4.3 we are renamed this program to SpamHalter.

SpamHalter major features:

  • Integrated Bayesian filter - no external server needed.
  • Adaptable - The Bayesian filter is a learning filter. You can teach the filter what is SPAM and what is not SPAM by simply forwarding a message to a local e-mail address eg: spam@yourdomain.dom, notspam@yourdomain.dom
  • Native WIN32 code - external script interpreters like PERL is not needed.
  • Robust - designed for high traffic business servers hosting many accounts.
  • Fast - SQLite3 database backend serves as a common database for all accounts.
  • Around the clock protection - SpamHalter runs 24×7 mode and there is stopping the daemon/database for recalculations.
  • Accurate - detects more then 99% of SPAM. Probability of badly marked message as SPAM is only 0.01%! This is equal to, or better than, many expensive commercial products.
  • Affordable - SpamHalter is free for personal and commercial use.

License, support and donations

You can download:

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